White Noise Festival

Thoroughly enjoyed White Noise. Some amazing music and I got to meet up with some good friends. Some great conversations and some proper belly laughs. Shame the turnout was low, despite my flyering efforts. I played to about 10 people, mainly other acts. Enjoyed it. I didn’t get my shit together to record it.

However, I was asked to do a mix at late notice for the Friday night. That was fun. Here it is:


If you want the tracklist, get in touch…

Centrifuge 2nd Birthday Party – Glatze LIVE

The Centrifuge 2nd Birthday Party was a blast! I played a manic liveset, including my first live cover (of Black Sabbath’s ‘Black Sabbath’). My usual mix of odd kit and fun at all costs attitude were in full effect.

Big ups to the Centrifuge crew for making this happen. Shouts out to Vita, Ed, Maya, Alan, Rich, Tylth, Fora and my dad for making it down there.

Thanks to Ed for documenting stuff (including the picture below). ‘Official’ videos, pics and audio to follow!

Glatze in Birmingham

I just wanted to draw attention to this gig as it represents a bit of a breakthrough for me. Due to the mighty Centrifuge label I am lucky enough to play out pretty regularly in Nottingham and London but for a while I have been making an effort (not enough of one) to land a decent sized gig in Brum. I am pleased to announce that the lovable rogues at White Label Music have added me to the bill of their White Noise Festival. I hope this will be the start of something in Birmingham…just in time for me to move house again :) Hope to see you there!