The year that was…2009

Better late than never, here are some of my personal musical highlights of 2009.

Last year was all about the emergence of Glatze as a live music sensation. Well, I had my moments ;) My time in Birmingham led to some exciting new relationships. I played a variety of gigs as part of the underground experimental scene. Then, out of the blue, the delightful Capsule girls got in touch to ask whether I’d like to support Melt Banana. As they are one of my favourite bands, it was a no-brainer. I went on to play at Supersonic, which was amazing. I was also honoured to be chosen by Capsule to complete an alternative score for “There Are No Others, There Is Only Us”, which was shown at Moor Street Station, throughout Supersonic.

Then to top my “Year with Capsule” off, they included a photo of me in their 10th birthday programme – see below. I am most flattered!

2009 also saw me develop my midi-octopus, which I demonstrated at Futuresonic (Thanks to The Centrifuge for sorting this!). Production of my midi-octopus stalled a little in the latter months of 2009, to give me time to concentrate on my Glatze liveset, but it’s very much back on the agenda for this year.

Other 2009 musical highlights included:

(sorry to anyone or anything I have missed, I have ZX-81-like memory)

Sonic Weekend 5

I will be leaving shortly for the fifth (my third) Sonic Weekend. One of the most musically intense and creatively charged things I have been involved in. The deal is: hire a place, hire a great studio technician, get 30 or so musicians together, drink, eat, be merry, and record an album in 3 days!

Oh thank you lord for White Label Music!

Mr.Underwood / Glatze on the plinth (kinda/maybe)

Susi O’neill aka Ms Hypnotique ( recently mentioned on Twitter that she is appearing on the One & Other plinth this Friday at 8pm with electro music, Theremin, tea & cake ( This sounded like a very cool idea and as a massive Theremin fan I thought I’d get in touch with Susi to express my support and to see if she would consider adding some Theremin to the new Glatze tracks I am working on.

Susi kindly got back to me with an even better offer. She asked me to send her some tracks and if she liked them she would maybe perform over one or two when on the plinth. Ideal! She liked and is taking a couple of my tunes with her.

So, in a roundabout way, weather & playlist permitting, I might just make it onto the plinth on Friday from 8pm. Tune in :

Have a great time Susi. Look forward to working with you once you get back down again!

Back in the studio/shed

Well, it has been a MAD YEAR (!) or so for Glatze and Mr.Underwood. I have achieved so much of what I set out to in terms of playing live, doing some great compositional work, getting my tunes released and working on building some mad bits of music kit! Now though, it’s time to go back into the studio/shed for a while. I have five main aims in doing this:

  1. Work on my Glatze set – I am pretty chuffed with the performance aspect now (which is the hardest part for me)…but musically I have so much more to give! My initial set was written in a bit of a rush and, whilst it has been refined over the year, it can be on another level if I devote some proper time to starting it over. The debut of my new set will be at my gig at The Portland Arms (Cambridge) in February 2010.
  2. Work on my Stump EP – for release on The Centrifuge. Gonna be some overlap with my Glatze tunes here.
  3. Work on the debut recording by GypScab – my latest collaboration, with the mighty Grinner, Drew and Seamus.
  4. Work on the midi-octopus – to get it completed for gigs in 2010!
  5. To sharpen my tools – more learning to sing and play guitar, drums & piano better

So, no more gigs, conferences, other major projects for me for the time being (other than those listed above). OK, so I admit if The Centrifuge come through with the big old gig in Oslo, or Capsule ask me to play at their one of their 10th birthday gigs, the answer will be YES…but broadly speaking I am on it! :)

Bye for now…*crawls back into his box*

Rhubarb Rhubarb

As part of Supersonic I was interviewed by the lovely chaps at Rhubarb Radio – so, if you want to hear me talking shite : click here


Yes, I am moving house, to a delightful (if floody) village near Worcester. I am not writing this to boast or anything, I am writing it because this represents a very important step for me creatively. I finally have some decent room for making music and a great shed for making my odd musical instruments.

I can now practice my Melt Banana support gig at full pelt, and I can get on much better with building my midi-octopus for Futuresonic. Bingo!

Sonic Weekend 4

I will be leaving for a church in Wirksworth later today, and Sonic Weekend 4. I am so looking forward to my second Sonic Weekend. The last one was just amazing. A mixture of inspirations, challenges, great music, great people, laughs and beer.

Read more about Sonic Weekend here…

Yes, it really is THAT good!

All change…

Uncool Sam is dead, long live Uncool Sam.

As my musical endeavours are gathering some momentum I felt it was time to address a burning issue, my artist name. One too many people I respect had told me that Uncool Sam was a shit name, despite the pun. In any case, my faith in those across the pond has been restored a little following the recent election.

So, I am reborn as mr.underwood…complete with this new site. I have also created a number of other identities for work in different genres and fields, so you can also expect to see me as – Glatze, Eschaton and SaMMaS.