When Verity Sharp left Late Junction I got very close to recording a “Guest Mix”, as an experiment in What would happen if I presented a Late Junction? I was really just hoping that some good would come out of this situation. Maybe a renewed enthusiasm to explore who presents the show. Possibly even regular guest mixes!

Then, last week, Mara Carlyle hosted a week of shows. This was a revelation. I found her shows really exciting and it made me think hard again about why I hold Late Junction so dear. I realised that most of all it was the enthusiasm and commitment of the presenters to their bit of the musical world; to what makes them tick. So this time I carried out the experiment…and here it is:

What would happen if I presented a Late Junction? by Mrunderwood on Mixcloud

[Rather embarrassingly I messed up the URL. You can use this link if you want to share it without an error. DOH!]


I realise this might be a bit of an odd thing to do and there are probably a few errors too [beyond the mix URL]; both technically and in the information but it was just an experiment. Think of it as a bonus fourth Late Junction, for one week only. Oh and granted some of my commentary may sound more like Mixing It than Late Junction but I am cool with that. I think it gets better as the show progresses too…t is my first ever Late Junction after all ;)

I welcome any comments.

Please buy any of the music you like. I have detailed the artist and track names in the Mixcloud tracklist.

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