It was with great pleasure that I supported Emeralds at the Hare and Hounds on Sunday.

It was my first gig at the Hare and Hounds and the first public performance of my new Mr Underwood material. I was nervous. I had rehearsed a lot, as ever, but due to circumstances beyond my control the vital time I usually spend developing ideas was taken up by other thoughts. Times like in the shower when I suddenly arrive at new ways of doing stuff. I’m always thinking of ideas and approaches, except recently when there has been something else weighing on my mind

I didn’t let this affect things too much. I was pleased with my performance, I was just in slightly the wrong head-space. It happens. I enjoyed myself though and I’m pleased to say that the people who had made the effort to come and see me seemed really impressed. Thank you if you made it out.

This is the start of a new more subtle side to my live music. I used a lot of new techniques to good effect and I am really enjoying the addition of live percussion to my set. Glatze lives on, but now alongside Mr Underwood.

Kevin, of Phantom Circuit fame, kindly took a few photographs and recordings. Here’s a couple to give you an indication of what I got up to. Onwards and upwards for Mr Underwood!

THANKS to Kevin for the image & recording and THANKS to Ben Waddington for stepping in at the last minute with his list.


  1. Hey…really enjoyed your set…what a fascinating way to create music.
    The tune I really dug was the one where one of your intruments reminded me of a dalek’s voice put through some distortion unit…I quite liked that effect. Was that a unit you made yourself?

    Anyways…thanx for the music

  2. Thank you!

    “What a fascinating way to create music” is one of the nicest things you could say to me…

    Actually, the Dalek distortion thing is one of the only pieces of kit I used that I didn’t make myself. It’s made by a company called Delfy and as far as I know it’s based around one fo those voice-changer megaphones, giving the vocal sounds and a 555 noise box. I was using the body contact to trigger it, for extra randomness.

    I don’t know if any of thise means anythng to you but maybe you are interested? ;)

    Anyway, many thanks for your kind words!

  3. Damn right, I’m interested, but very ignorant about the tech at the mo’…I’ve always been an keen consumer of music. I’ve only recently been considering the possibility of making my own sounds. I’m looking at getting into superCollider…maybe you’ve heard of this s/w tool for sound synthesis and sequencing.
    I’m now thinking that I should look into the h/w side too…but, oh so little time…

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