As part of my efforts for Supersonic this year I am getting to work and perform with some great people. This is really inspiring, flattering and rather daunting! Here’s a little round-up of who I am working with and why that’s cool, and why that makes me cool by association, maybe.

The Saturday stats with me doing a performance and workshop, featuring myself in the morning and the super cool Dosh, or Martin Luther King Chavez Dosh it seems, in the afternoon. Dosh is a multi-instrumentalist who uses loopers to layer really great tunes live. I’ve never seen him live myself but I’ve admired his work from afar for a while. Cool stuff, check it:

Then, on to my Noise Box workshop. I have been working with the super cool and always enthusiastic Dr. Kate Sugden of Aston Uni on the design of the updated Noise Box. She’s also kindly helping out on the day!

So far, so good…a talented musician and a scientist!

Lastly on the Saturday, I have been asked by Andrew Moscardo-Parker (of Einstellung fame) to be part of the Lash Frenzy Big Band vs KK NULL. I first met Andrew when I supported Melt Banana last year. Lash Frenzy were supporting too. They are noisy bastards and this incarnation will be no different. As well as having a lot of love for Andrew and Einstellung I am also super chuffed to be playing with / against the mighty KK NULL. Here are a couple of videos showing how cool they both are:

Finally, on the Sunday afternoon, when I perform Steve Reich’s Pendulum Music for torch and Optical Theremin I will be joined by the amazing (and cool) percussionist Joe Snape. I only found this out today. Well chuffed! Check his shit out:

Obviously being involved in Supersonic to the degree I am is pretty damn cool in itself but having the opportunity to work and perform with such a lot of cool people is a real honour! Frankly, whether it makes me cool by association or not is of no consequence to me. I am just going to enjoy the experience!

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