I recently spent some time in London. I did the following things:

– Met with Richard Whitelaw at Sound and Music
– Appeared on the panel at Wire Salon
– Met loads of inspirational folk at Café OTO
– Spent time with my dad
– Wandered around looking and listening
– Appeared on Graham Dunning’s show on NTS
– Visited Tate Modern
– Stood for 30 minutes listening to some live Klezmer on the South Bank
– Read Wire magazine on the train home

It was a really inspirational couple of days which resulted in the culmination of an idea I had been pondering for a while. A number of things me and David Morton had been trying to address suddenly solidified around a single idea. I love it when that happens!

And so it is that we (MortonUnderwood) will be starting a monthly night in my local village hall. A night dedicated to sonic exploration and the demonstration thereof. Somewhere for people to show what they have been working on and to get some feedback. Somewhere for panel discussions. Something that isn’t yet another blues rock band playing in a pub. We hope it will bring some people out of the woodwork locally and act as a nurturing environment for investigation and collaboration. And, like so many nights run by enthusiasts, we hope that one day we will be able to fund people we admire to come to us…

Behold “If wet…”, in the village hall. To be held once a month in Callow End Village Hall. More details soon…

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