After weeks of preparation and hard work, Theremin Day took place on the 24th April. It went rather well!

Many people, including myself have blogged about it :
Theremin Day site | fizzPOP | Genzaichi | Hellocatfood | Digbeth is Good

Phantom Circuit kindly covered the event in full : Phantom Circuit #36

All great stuff, but there is life after Theremin Day and I wanted to let you know a little about it! Firstly, building on the success of Theremin Day, I am talking with two festivals about workshops and musical performances. I have planned some really special boutique hardware for this. Secondly, I have my next Glatze gig coming up in July – details soon. Also, I am gearing up towards my workshop and debut midi-octopus performance at the British Science Festival. I am writing a score for an animated film. Lastly, my debut Glatze EP is almost good to go now, sounding groovy!

That is all, carry on…

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