Susi O’neill aka Ms Hypnotique ( recently mentioned on Twitter that she is appearing on the One & Other plinth this Friday at 8pm with electro music, Theremin, tea & cake ( This sounded like a very cool idea and as a massive Theremin fan I thought I’d get in touch with Susi to express my support and to see if she would consider adding some Theremin to the new Glatze tracks I am working on.

Susi kindly got back to me with an even better offer. She asked me to send her some tracks and if she liked them she would maybe perform over one or two when on the plinth. Ideal! She liked and is taking a couple of my tunes with her.

So, in a roundabout way, weather & playlist permitting, I might just make it onto the plinth on Friday from 8pm. Tune in :

Have a great time Susi. Look forward to working with you once you get back down again!

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