Simply put, the Dirty Bristow launch party & fete fookin’ rocked!

That about sums it up and no surprise when you have a beautiful new boutique publication launching, brought to us by a pair of amazing gentlemen, a room full of lovely people and a bonkers idea set in the perfect venue. Everything from the cross-dressed door man, Danny’s dad with his face painted like a dart board for the retarded, the various games and stalls, and the broad selection of entertainment made this a really wonderful and memorable event! It was a lovely thing that left me feeling warm and hopeful for the future.

Of course this is about a magazine at the end of the day. One I hope to see flourish. A brave/stupid venture, brought to you by two very brave/stupid individuals and their band of willing supporters. Respec’!

Ooh, and for my part I pulled some silly faces…

Thanks to Pete Ashton for the great photo


  1. I know you said you weren’t sure how you’d go down and, having only seen you at Capsule related gigs, I’ll admit to being a little nervous but, fuck, you rocked. It was dead good and fitted in perfectly.

  2. Wow, thanks Pete!

    Always hard to judge from my side of the table, with all the effort I have invested in it, so it’s great to hear it worked for you. I was pretty relaxed and enjoyed myself immensely, which is a somewhat new phenomenon where my gigs are concerned.

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