If Wet 3 - June - 41

It brings me great joy to write this blog post because it represents the first sense of something really happening for a project on which we have worked very hard at MortonUnderwood, namely our monthly night If Wet.

Not only have we had a hugely diverse selection of topics, rare instruments and processes demonstrated and discussed – gradually being documented here: ifwet.org.uk/latest. And not only have we seen our audience base grow alongside some glowing reviews in magazines and blog posts. BUT at the latest If Wet, yesterday, something very exciting happened; it became self-referential. As well as people discussing the work and working methods of our artist of the day, Laura Kriefman, the discussion was extended and influenced by the way previous artists at If Wet, such as Sarah Angliss, had spoken of their work at the event.

A small thing maybe but to me this felt like a real triumph.


(Photo by Pete Ashton)

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