It’s almost not worth me writing this post, as my time at iShed could hardly be better documented (see links at the bottom) but I wanted to add one last post to mention what my time there has meant to me as an artist, as a person…

When you arrive as an artist-in-residence at iShed you are met by a delightful, bubbly bunch of people. Our main contact was Victoria Tillotson who has the remarkable ability to smile even more than me! She encapsulates how you are treated; with respect, trust and friendship.

For me, being an artist-in-residence was a new experience. It wasn’t without certain challenges, such as where to stay and how to organise myself well enough to make working remotely a success but every aspect was done on the right level. For starters, we were paid a fair amount for our time. It’s hard to overstate how important this is. After all this is what I do for a living but moreover, it sets the tone. At once you are at ease when working and you know the people running the residency value your presence. There was also a budget for materials and expenses, again vital to the success of a residency.

Then there is the environment; it’s a great space and the atmosphere is very open and sharing. Our project benefitted from many and varied insights, from people within iShed and those who surround it. In fact outside of our project there is a sense in which you are hard done by if you don’t have at least one inspiring conversation per day at iShed; it’s that kind of place.

I am convinced through my experience that artist residencies have a lot to offer both the artist and the host. It can certainly be a beautiful symbiosis.

The legacy of my time at iShed is really the key. Not only the people it has led me to meet, which has been amazing, but the boost it has given to me personally. It’s a beautiful thing to be part of and I find the idea that their door is always open a really warming one. This works both ways as far as I am concerned. I have already assisted a current resident and will continue to do such stuff. Oh and I will be heading down to Bristol regularly, just to sit in a chair at iShed and hope I have that one inspiring conversation…

Thank you iShed for being such delightful hosts!



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