What would happen if I presented a Late Junction?

When Verity Sharp left Late Junction I got very close to recording a “Guest Mix”, as an experiment in What would happen if I presented a Late Junction? I was really just hoping that some good would come out of this situation. Maybe a renewed enthusiasm to explore who presents the show. Possibly even regular guest mixes!

Then, last week, Mara Carlyle hosted a week of shows. This was a revelation. I found her shows really exciting and it made me think hard again about why I hold Late Junction so dear. I realised that most of all it was the enthusiasm and commitment of the presenters to their bit of the musical world; to what makes them tick. So this time I carried out the experiment…and here it is:

What would happen if I presented a Late Junction? by Mrunderwood on Mixcloud

[Rather embarrassingly I messed up the URL. You can use this link if you want to share it without an error. DOH!]


I realise this might be a bit of an odd thing to do and there are probably a few errors too [beyond the mix URL]; both technically and in the information but it was just an experiment. Think of it as a bonus fourth Late Junction, for one week only. Oh and granted some of my commentary may sound more like Mixing It than Late Junction but I am cool with that. I think it gets better as the show progresses too…t is my first ever Late Junction after all ;)

I welcome any comments.

Please buy any of the music you like. I have detailed the artist and track names in the Mixcloud tracklist.

Master of none

I wanted to let people know about some gigs which are making me happy; one that I have played recently and two which are coming up…

ORE at Cafe OTO

On the 1st of February we played our first gig as ORE at Cafe OTO. This was the usual doomy, droney affair but with an extended line-up and sound, courtesy of Michelle Hickman on tenor horn, Olly Coates on cello and Will Cooper on great highland bagpipes.

This was our second outing with this line-up, which we really enjoy and is our second time of playing for the wonderful Full Of Noises crew. Very happy making indeed.

MrUnderwood and Kit Downes

On the 28th of February I am playing an improvised gig, as part of the London Contemporary Orchestra Soloists series, with Kit Downes on keyboard. The aim is for me to channel and process Kit’s playing, the sounds of some MortonUnderwood instruments and live environmental sounds. Our aim is to create a deep listening experience for those present.

This will be my first time playing for LCO and at Limewharf in London. Further details here. It is also a great pleasure to be playing with Kit for the first time.


Glatze is back!

Lastly, I’d like to highlight a gig I am doing partly for old times’ sake. On May the 27th I will support Melt Banana, for Capsule, at the Rainbow Warehouse in Birmingham. Further details here

This will be the usual bonkers live electronics from Glatze, and brings me particular joy as this was the first slot I ever did for Capsule, in 2009. Plus I am very much looking forward to dancing my tits off to Melt Banana; who are cracking live!


Master of none

If you are wondering what the title of this blog is about, it refers to the broad variety of output this represents and that frankly it does make me a bit of a jack of all trades, and master of none. BUT I have come to understand that this is what makes me tick creatively. I admire virtuosity greatly but personally speaking I find keeping my output diverse and stimulating suits my personality and way of working better. Sometimes this makes me ponder whether greatness will ever be achieved but then I consider how fulfilled I am by such work and how pleased I am with the experiences I create for my audiences and all is well.

As ever, I reserve the right to change my mind on this…

Hope to see you out and about at one of these gigs!