Sometimes in life, things come out of the blue…and before you know it they pass you by. That’s what happened with this interview for HackSpace magazine.

This particular bolt out of the blue was very welcome and came at a time when things were somewhat soggy around these parts. Very soggy. So soggy in fact that the photographs taken of me in my workshop for this article were shot between floods! One week either side and I’d have been knee deep in water…

The crazy timing of this led me to not quite appreciate that the call I was having was actually the interview; until quite near to the end of it. This resulted in a really open and enlightening insight into my world and why I do what I do.

If you’d like a read—accompanied by some particularly hilarious photographs—you can buy a physical copy here. Or there is a freely downloadable PDF version.

I’d like to thank my girlfriend for capturing my inner goon in the photographs and a HUGE thank you to Andrew for supporting my work in this way. You rock!

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