Debut Glatze EP and accompanying website

Yep, after pretty much years of dabbling I have finally found my voice, which I call Romany Surf Step. I am really proud to release my debut, self-titled, EP.

It’s available as a free download from my friends at The Centrifuge or you can get it for a very reasonable price on Bandcamp, which offers higher quality audio and a free bonus drum and bass track.

Finally, for more information on the release and on Glatze in general, here is the all new Glatze website.

I hope you like it!

Glatze News

Just a quick update from the world of Glatze.

Despite keeping a low profile for a while, to allow my other selves to flourish, I have been asked to play a gig on the 20th of August in Cheltenham, which I was very happy to accept! Callie who saw me play at Supersonic last year has sorted out a night for me to play in place of the July Supersonic this year. The only problem is Cheltenham didn’t seem to have its act together for a July date, so she has lined me up an August date instead. As ever, it’ll be balls-out live fun from me…come along if you can!

Also, I have been putting the finishing touches to my new, self-titled “Glatze” EP. Never one to do things half-heartedly I am producing some lush demo CDs (mock-up below – I’m loving my black faced CDRs) and sending this out to some people I want to sign me. Mike Patton, if you are reading this, that means you! :) I hope the world is ready for my new Romany Surf Step genre. The mighty Centrifuge certainly are, and I am happy to announce that they plan to release it soon, thanks Wassim!

I have two “reviews” in already. I sent it to BJ Cole, who I’d like to work with if anyone gives me an album deal, and he said “I have had a listen to your tracks, and think they are great! You have a very original direction“. Also, the chap who mastered it said “It’s great stuff! I’ve never really heard anything like it. Sure, it’s music, and it sounds like a lot of stuff, but there is a unique voice, and it’s good!“.

As they are the only two people that have heard it entirely so far, I am pretty chuffed with the response. I’ll keep you posted on what the wider world makes of it…

Thanks to Ben Waddington for the main artwork.

The year that was…2009

Better late than never, here are some of my personal musical highlights of 2009.

Last year was all about the emergence of Glatze as a live music sensation. Well, I had my moments ;) My time in Birmingham led to some exciting new relationships. I played a variety of gigs as part of the underground experimental scene. Then, out of the blue, the delightful Capsule girls got in touch to ask whether I’d like to support Melt Banana. As they are one of my favourite bands, it was a no-brainer. I went on to play at Supersonic, which was amazing. I was also honoured to be chosen by Capsule to complete an alternative score for “There Are No Others, There Is Only Us”, which was shown at Moor Street Station, throughout Supersonic.

Then to top my “Year with Capsule” off, they included a photo of me in their 10th birthday programme – see below. I am most flattered!

2009 also saw me develop my midi-octopus, which I demonstrated at Futuresonic (Thanks to The Centrifuge for sorting this!). Production of my midi-octopus stalled a little in the latter months of 2009, to give me time to concentrate on my Glatze liveset, but it’s very much back on the agenda for this year.

Other 2009 musical highlights included:

(sorry to anyone or anything I have missed, I have ZX-81-like memory)