Miles Meets Sam
An internship from October 2020
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Sound Box
Sam's Drumpet
Merry ChristAMS!
AMS Turn On Racket
AMS Mini Upright Piano
Den Den Postcard
Den Den Daiko: Build Yourself!
Contact Mic. Pre-Amps
Acoustic Amplified Tables / Russolo
Drumpet Family: AMS
Pandrone AKA Drumpet with Drone Bag AKA Dronepet?
AMS Tumbler unit 2
AMS Tumbler unit 1
Spring Jig
tine, string, thing
AMS: Pneumatic Den Den Daiko
3D Printed Air Motor
AMS Update 24/11/20
the bread knock
Panbone vs. Gong transducer vs. Feedback Cymbal !!
Latex Membranes
Mini Roto
Rhythm Machine
May I Introduce... THE HULA HORN
AMS Workout!
3d Modelling
A Process Of... booklet
Percussion Transportation Unit!
Multiphonics Between Speaker & Voice
Water Percussion Machine
Speaker Manipulation: Instillation for Playable Speaker Distortion
Zoom Work
Speaker Manipulation: Acoustic DJ FX ;0
Tune-able den den daiko
Gathering Sticks, Mallets and Beaters
Using Up Solenoids

A place for anything we work on during the internship.