Miles Meets Sam
An internship from October 2020
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Amongst a scrabbling of pipes, horns, reeds, water, vacuum cleaner nozzles and references to sound art, we hit a rhythm of excitement and thought. Sam and I cobble together a verbal manifesto of our process and intention for making experimental musical instruments/machines.

Where life exists withing a plethora of rules and norms to conform
with and art has become a normed institution,

we join a history of unconventional/bonkers makers, weirdos and surrealists
who have inspired people
by demonstrating our free human agency
even if it subverts the established.

Where art can become too conceptual, too intellectual and far removed from
its genuine potential to create rich, barely-articulable experience,

we use technology and intuition
to work with crafting experience
in the phenomenological/romantic/naive/true/optimistic sense.
(roaring laughter and crinkled intrigue)

Where the crafts of daily technology and material have retreated across great
oceans to belching factories and our economy bombards us with blind 'innovation',

we kidnap, assimilate and
break/re-purpose/FREE! pop and industrial materials & devices.
(what else could this do?)