Miles Meets Sam
An internship from October 2020
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Sam: I'm a 44 year old Cornish-German. I work as a musical instrument designer and sound artist...and occasional doom tuba player. My work in musical instrument design focuses on the development of new musical instruments - predominantly acoustic and mechanical; often ludicrous. I am excited to have Miles around because he's bound to challenge the ingrained and I hope to pass on to him what I can.

Miles: I'm a 22 year old Yorkshire-Swiss person. I study at the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL), a Bauhaus-model arts school, and make whimsical, historical, amusingal and usually romantical projects. I love to build stuff and follow my intuition. I'm excited to work with Sam and get stuck into this fascinating and fun and fantastic and ffffffgreat fworld of fexperimental fmusical finstrument fmaking.

Eclectic images of our work prior to collaborating: boys.jpg pipes.jpg boys.jpg