Miles Meets Sam
An internship from October 2020
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DJ effects are silly and fun, especially when you build them out of wood, cycling shorts, shoelaces and a spots direct mug!

- Over sized Sports Direct mug volume knob with shoe lace belt.

- High pass filter leaver utilizing the acoustic dampening properties of cycling shorts' pads.

Here i made a volume mug and a High Pass filter which absorbs the bass outputs and lets the high cone play freely into the room. I need to develop the speaker casing design to absorb more bass frequencies as it currently resonates rather too much. I'm thinking expanding foam between parts and cutting as much wood away from it as possible. Foam feet would help and what about a kind of sea anemone skin?

A one minute video clip... dj fx still 2.jpg dj fx still 3.jpg dj fx still 1.jpg