Miles Meets Sam
An internship from October 2020
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I started this series of speaker experiments because, like many people, they were one of a few sound-producing devices I had available in my place. Now I use my experience of experimenting with Sam to mess up the device that has constituted most of my musical experience for the last years. It's liberating and inspiring to physically manipulate my speakers and create acoustic sound because though they're are fantastic for their utility of bringing music into space, that music can't be compared to live, acoustic sound and I suppose it contradicts our idea of giving precedence to acoustic instruments.

In that ilk, today's instillation was particularly successful. It uses threads directly powered by the speaker cone to power thin skewers in glasses to vibrate. The vibrations are transduced into rattling sounds of different pitches by pieces of aluminium can threaded to the skewers. The skewers and threads are activated when pulled taught by the levers on the 'keyboard'. There is a fourth thread which constantly plays a hanging triangle, creating a soft ride symbol-like sound.

I would like to introduce new materials, see what other sounds I can create and make it even more playable.

Pictures and clips below: