Miles Meets Sam
An internship from October 2020
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Two special pieces of music that utilize the effects of Multiphonic playing, harmonic modulation and 'beating' tones.

In the Pendulum's Embrace by Oren Ambarchi is a beautiful album of mainly prepared guitar but also glass harmonica, strings, bells, piano and percussion. It is the most abstract folk music you've ever heard a tasteful use of some of the sonic effects Sam and I are exploring. I love generous pieces of music like this, with tracks clocking in between 15 and 20 minutes because it gives you chance to go through different phases of listening.

For organ and brass by Ellen Arkbro... stunningly pure, meditative and powerful. The music breathes and twists and dives. Arkbro interestingly used meantone tuning, a historic temperament giving prevalence to a beautiful third, and played on a 17th century organ in Northeastern Germany. organ and brass.jpg