Life after Theremin Day

After weeks of preparation and hard work, Theremin Day took place on the 24th April. It went rather well!

Many people, including myself have blogged about it :
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Phantom Circuit kindly covered the event in full : Phantom Circuit #36

All great stuff, but there is life after Theremin Day and I wanted to let you know a little about it! Firstly, building on the success of Theremin Day, I am talking with two festivals about workshops and musical performances. I have planned some really special boutique hardware for this. Secondly, I have my next Glatze gig coming up in July – details soon. Also, I am gearing up towards my workshop and debut midi-octopus performance at the British Science Festival. I am writing a score for an animated film. Lastly, my debut Glatze EP is almost good to go now, sounding groovy!

That is all, carry on…

Theremin Day

Just a quick announcement and some further information on my upcoming event Theremin Day – 24th April 2010.

I am delighted to be able to work in association with the fizzPOP crew, to deliver both a daytime workshop and an evening of music, all with a Theremin theme. The day is split in two with an afternoon workshop in which you can build your own Optical Theremin, and an evening of live Theremin performances. While tickets last, you can attend either or both! Let’s start with the evening event…

DO NOT TOUCH – An evening of Theremin Live Performances

A special evening of audio/visual delights, based around the Theremin theme. The highlights are:

Ms Hypnotique
This is an opportunity to see one of the nation’s most renowned Theremin players. She has trained with Lydia Kavina, the grand-niece of Leon Theremin, and performs in many genres from classical to surf-rock to industrial. She has given numerous performances and recordings for artists including Bob Moog, Damien Hirst and TV appearances include “James May’s 20th Century” and “New Paul O’Grady Show”. In 2009 she performed on the fourth plinth, Trafalgar Square, as part of Anthony Gormley’s “One and Other” project and in April 2010 she will perform at Ether Fest at Royal Festival Hall in a 20-piece Theremin orchestra.

Ms Hypnotique also features on one of my soon to be released “Romany-Surf-Step” tunes. I am very pleased she is coming to Birmingham for Theremin Day.

Listen to this!

Image: copyright Jason Knott 2002

Mr. Underwood & Friends
Yes, me! I’ll be doing a super rare performance of Steve Reich’s Pendulum Music, using four torches and four Optical Theremins (of the same kind made in the afternoon workshop). The performance will be in darkness and will peak in a cacophony of squealing sound.

Pete Ashton
Pete will be wowing us with his Thingamagoop (see video below) and some 8-bit sounds. He will also be collaborating with Ms Hypnotique and myself in an improv session.

+ a selection of other Theremin audio/visual delights

Do Not Touch – Build your own Optical Theremin Workshop

During the workshop, people will be able to make a 3 oscillator Optical Theremin, which makes noises like this, when light is shone on it:

[flv:/video/theremin.flv 524 294]
I will soon be adding a video showing the finished article, in a nice shiny box…

The event will take place on the 24th of April at The Edge, Cheapside, Birmingham. I am very grateful to fizzPOP and Friction Arts for supporting this event. All profits go to fizzPOP in order to help them go on to bigger and better things. Birmingham needs you!

I hope we can fill the place for this highly distinctive day of workshoping and live performance, Theremin Day.

Tickets are available here: Workshop – Sold Out! and here: Event Tickets

Further information is here: Workshop Details and here: Event Details