Ever since performing at the Supersonic Kid’s Gig and working with the children at Allens Croft Primary School last year, I have been intrigued by the idea of getting kids interested in cool stuff from an early age.

On Saturday, I was lucky enough to represent Supersonic at the open day event held at St Thomas Children’s Centre. I introduced the kids to circuit-bending and sampling/looping. It was pretty manic trying to keep order on my own but there were some really rewarding moments. I just hope that it sticks and that when the kids that said “I am going to go home and do that to my toys” get home they are allowed to do just that.

This is an area of my practice that I would like to expand on. If only one person decides it’s cooler to make synths and experimental music than it is to try to and win X-Factor I will be happy. Knackering as it is I hope to get involved in much more of this stuff!

Many thanks to Capsule and Brightspace for providing me with this opportunity.

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