I went on holiday! After relaxing into it I made the rather odd decision for me to listen to some of my old tunes, in fact my entire “back catalogue”. Overall I was pretty pleasantly surprised. They certainly hinted at where I come from musically, so I thought I’d share!

These selected tunes are the better ones but nonetheless they vary like buggery in terms of style, production quality, normalisation etc. So prepare yourself for a mixed bag!

> > It’s a free download < <

These are hastily slung together with very little attention paid to filenames and meta information. I apologise for that but it’s FREE and if I spent ages sorting them properly I’d probably lose interest.

Finally, a quick note on a two of the tunes, to give them some context. The tunes “bye” and “gone” relate to the passing of my grandad about 4 years ago. Bye features a sample of my grandad struggling to breathe on his death bed and was completed bed side on my laptop. Gone was the tune i wrote to be played at his funeral.

Anyways, hope you enjoy listening!

**don’t all download it at once or my ISP will go off on one again ;)

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  1. Ah how glad I am to have *almost* your entire back catalogue!! I still also enjoy listening BTW :)

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